A New Beginning

2016-05-17 19:31:34 by TheHanz

Hi everyone! My first song is out and about...ready to be downloaded and played.

Here's a link: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/684952

About Me

2016-05-09 20:01:10 by TheHanz

I love to make music, art, and games, it's my passion.

I'm a YouTuber, on two separate channels, one is HanZ, the other isn't necessary to know.

But what everyone, who reads this, needs to know that in real life I'm a great person, but not many know who I am

But, online, I'm more popular than I am at school.

I may sound like a total woos, but I'm not, I'm like a mix of a jok and a nerd.

Anyways, to me the internet isn't just a thing it's like my home, where I feel happy when I'm down, and where I go when all hope is lost, it's where I laugh if I'm board, it's my life.