Entry #1

About Me

2016-05-09 20:01:10 by TheHanz

I love to make music, art, and games, it's my passion.

I'm a YouTuber, on two separate channels, one is HanZ, the other isn't necessary to know.

But what everyone, who reads this, needs to know that in real life I'm a great person, but not many know who I am

But, online, I'm more popular than I am at school.

I may sound like a total woos, but I'm not, I'm like a mix of a jok and a nerd.

Anyways, to me the internet isn't just a thing it's like my home, where I feel happy when I'm down, and where I go when all hope is lost, it's where I laugh if I'm board, it's my life.


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2016-05-09 20:05:36

Welcome to Newgrounds buddy! as long as the music is original your good to go!

TheHanz responds:

if you wouldn't mind, could you listen to my new song and see if you like it? And if it's not too much to ask, if you do like it could you scout it? I'm not demanding I'm just asking as a friend.